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HP-4 Thompson Enamel Hotplate Furnace

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A small hotplate furnace. For beginners, students, and hobbyists. Great for small trinkets. 900 Watts, 6 Amp Element, 4 7/8″ diameter.

Replacement Element also available


HS-1 Trivet (sold separately) is recommended for use.

The furnace has a short cord so a space that is close to a regular room electrical outlet is needed. DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION CORD.

The furnace should be placed on a non-combustible surface. A metal plate or ceramic tile is ideal to have next to the furnace to place hot items on.

The furnace should heat up to enameling temperature in about one hour.

The copper piece should be no larger than 1 1/2″ x 2″ in diameter.

The copper piece should be degreased with Penny Brite (PB-1) or heated slightly to burn off grease or oil.

Thompson’s Klyr-Fire (A-1) or Thompson’s Holding Agent (A-3) is painted or sprayed onto the copper surface. Enamel is then sifted onto the back side of copper piece (counter enamel) using one of Thompson’s sifters (SM-1,SM-2 or SM-3). It is best to keep the coat thin. Practice will help you learn to correct the amount.

Let the piece dry until no moisture is present.

Please the enamel piece onto the appropriate size HS-1 trivet (sold separately). Lift the domed lid with the lifting handle and grasp the trivet wing using long handled pliers and place trivet and piece onto element. Replace the domed lid into position over the element. A 17 minute firing should result in a smooth glossy surface.

Remove the domed lid with lift handle, remove trivet using long handled pliers and place on a non-combustible surface to cool.

Replace domed lid onto furnace.

Clean other side of copper with wet/dry sand paper or pickle in Sparex No 2 to remove copper oxide. Then repeat steps above.



Other safety considerations: Element and lid will be hot when in use. Pieces coming out of the furnace will be hot. Avoid touching anything until you are sure they are completely cool. KEEP SMALL CHILDREN AND PETS AWAY FROM FURNACE WHEN HOT.

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