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On February 1, 2019, I took over as manager at Thompson Enamel and now I run
Production. Late last week, I had a concern with one of the liquid form enamels. The big
outcome of that, was the fact that these enamels are almost ounce for ounce, made
using a standard enamel.
This is going to be a very drastic price increase. But it is either that or pull all of it off the
We will be adding a 4oz jar to the sales, along with a sample set of both the liquid form
and the liquid form brushable enamels. We will only be selling the liquid form enamels in
dry powder at this point.
The 4oz jar will retail for $14.00
The 8oz bag will retail for $26.40
A 5lb jar will retail for $211.20
The LFE-Set (2oz of each: 533, 767, 769, 770, 771, 772, 774, 801, 929 and 937) will
retail for $65.00
The LCE-Set (all nine colors in 2oz) will retail for $58.50 All of these products will be
available for shipping on Friday.
I realize this is a shock, but it is the only solution I have.
Joanna Maehren,
Thompson Enamel

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