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2061 Opalescent White (A) (80 Mesh Only)


Medium Temperature – Medium Expansion Enamels for Copper, Gold, Silver, Low Carbon Steel & Metal Clay
Normal firing temperature range: 1400-1500ºF
Coefficient of expansion range: 258-360 cubic expansion

This product is available in various mesh sizes. Be sure to make your selection from our pull-down menu below.

Mesh size is an indicator of glass particle size. The mesh number indicates the number of openings in a linear inch in a standard wire mesh screen. 80 Mesh would be 80 openings per linear inch. 6 Mesh would be six openings per linear inch. A double mesh number such as 80/200 describes the glass particle sizes which pass through an 80 mesh screen, but stay on top of a 200 mesh screen.


Sample, 2 oz, 8 oz, 5 LB

Mesh Size

80 Mesh

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