Liquid Form Brushable Enamels (LCE)


8 oz. and 5 lb. sizes are the DRY Liquid Form Brushable Enamels and Quart and Pint sizes are pre-mixed Liquid Form Brushable Enamels; both are available in the drop down menu.



Excellent for use as counter enamel. For optimum coverage sift 80 mesh dry enamel into freshly painted brushable enamel. Tamp down with fingers & dry. Cover front side of piece, dry and fire both sides at the same time. This minimizes warp-age and eliminates a pickling step.

These enamels can also be used as painting colors to achieve water color effect. Water Soluble.

Sold in liquid (pint or a quart) and dry (8 oz or 5 lb. jar) form; available in the drop down menu.

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5 LB, 8 oz, Pint, Quart


Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Semi-Clear, White, Yellow


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