Liquid Metals



Liquid Metals are fine gold or palladium dissolved in an organic vehicle. When applied and fired on enamel, the result can be a bright metallic mirror like film of metal.  These products are generally fired from 1150 to 1300 degrees F. The object must be fired hot enough to adhere to the enamel and low enough to not burn out. If the liquid metals are fired too low, they will wipe off. If fired too high they will discolor.  Mother of Pearl is no longer available and has been removed from the choices.

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Liquid Metals

M-12 Bright Liquid Gold – 2 gram bottle, M-13 Bright Liquid Palladium – 2 gram bottle, M-14 Essence for Thinning – 1/2 oz bottle, M-15 Mother of Pearl – 1/2 oz bottle


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