Carefree Luster Powders


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Used as a surface application which results in a “metal-flake” or “sparkle” appearance. Stabilized for glass, glazed ceramic and enameled metal applications.

Colors include: #1 Silver, #2 Purple, #3 Blue, #4 Green, #5 Metallic Red, #6 Metallic Orange, #7 Metallic Yellow, #8 Metallic Gold, #9 Yellow, #10 Orange, #11 Red, #13 Scarab

Sold individually in 20 grams each (LR-#), Set of 12, 20 gram jars (LR-SET), or Set of 12, trial pack (small containers, approximately a teaspoon each) (LTK-1)

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Scarab, Scarab Red, LR-SET, LTK-1, Clear Silver, Clear Blue, Clear Orange, Metallic Orange, Clear Green, Metallic Green, Clear Red, Metallic Red, Clear Purple, Clear Yellow, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Gold


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