Milestone Decals


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Ceramic and porcelain can be found in archaeological digs thousands of years ago still harboring their vivid mineral glazes. These stable materials are still unchanged even when all the metals tools are long gone. Similar to colored glaze, decals are made of stable mineral colors.

Decals are printed images made from mineral toners.  The toners are either silkscreen or digitally printed on special paper coated in a water soluble glue.  The colored images are then covered with a coating.  When the decal is wet, the image is released from the paper, applied and fired in a kiln at approximately 1400° F.    Once fired at these colors will become permanently embedded on top of the glaze of the ware.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × .001 in

Black Birds on a Wire, Copper Circles, Copper Ferns, Decal Instruction Download, Diatoms (color), Gold Astronomy, Gold Butterflies, Gold Christmas Trees, Gold Circles, Gold Feathers (large), Gold Feathers (Small), Gold Flowers, Gold Halloween, Gold Leaves, Kimono (color), Maps (color), Modern Flower (Color), Modern Tree (Color), Nautical (color), Pink Jelleyfish, Platinum Astronomy, Platinum Flowers (Large), Small Platinum Snowflakes


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