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Ceramic Pigments

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The ceramic coloring compounds are used like water colors for shading and details. They are applied to the surface of enamel, window or stained glass. The underlying enamel/glass will be stained by firing. Since these are highly pigmented powders, they are used in thin, film-like layers. They are not an enamel in themselves. They should be covered with a transparent enamel or the finish firing. Sold in 20 gram amounts per pigment. Can be mixed with Painting Flux or Mixing White.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .25 in

Blue (OC-16), Blue (OC-18), Yellow (OC-32), Black (OC-50), Red (OC-70), Orange (OC-71), Yellow Brown (OC-82), Brown (OC-83), Red Brown (OC-85), Red Purple (OC-95), Green (OC-191), Blue (OC-195), Tan Yellow (OC-169), Blue Green (OC-170)

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