Painting & Screening Enamels (SEC)



Our Glass Painting Enamel (GPP), premixed in our water miscible screening medium, A-14. The consistency is perfect for screening or painting. All colors can be intermixed. IF slight thinning is desired for special applications, use A-14. You can also create fine line colors by mixing with an equal volume of water and using a a quill pen (T-12). Clean with water. When used with screens made with water-developed photo emulsion, clean with mineral spirits.

The Glass Painting Powders will attach to glass at 1250 degrees F.  They will gloss between 1300 and 1400 degrees. F. They may be taken up to 1450 degrees F. without loss of color.  Firing times and temperatures are only guides.  Your actual experience may indicate the firing may need to be more or less time and temperature.

You may want to vent your kiln as it heats up to allow for any painting medium fumes to escape kiln.

*Sold individually (1/2 fl. oz) or in a set of all 9 colors with 1 fl oz. A-14*

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SEC-SET, White, Black, Bright Blue, Orange, Green, Bright Red, Maroon, Brown, Bright Yellow


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