SAMP-C Complete Medium Temperature- Medium Expansion Enamels (169 colors)


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Transparent and Opaque Enamels

Printed color charts never precisely duplicate the effects you will achieve using our enamel products. This is particularly true for transparents where background color and thickness of application strongly influence final results. In order to help you select the color you really want. Each packet is approximately one teaspoon per sample color. Quantity may vary. SAMP-C: Is a complete Medium Temperature – Medium Expansion Enamels in 80 Mesh (169 colors, 1000 & 2000 series) for Copper, Gold, Silver, Low Carbon Steel & Metal Clay. Normal firing temperature range: 1400-1500°F. Coefficient of expansion range: 258-360 cubic expansion. Reference color chart on Home page for Medium Temperature – Medium Expansion Enamels.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 4 × 4.5 in


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