Stamped Copper Squares *Domed*


0.040″;18 ga. Squares

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Thompson sells “oxygen free, high conductivity, electrolytic” copper, conforming to ASTM specifications B-170. This type of copper is the most suitable for enameling.

0.040″;18 ga. Squares
Sold in each and dozen quantities.

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Each, Dozen

Shape Measurements

1" Square *Domed, 1 1/8" Square *Domed, 1 1/2" Square *Domed, 1 1/4" Square *Domed, 1" Rounded Square *Domed, 1/2" Square *Domed, 3/4" Rounded Square *Domed, 3/4" Square *Domed, 5/8" Square *Domed, 7/8" Square *Domed


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