Sterling Silver Cinch Mount Sets (Includes Copper Insert) – (Brooch)



One piece sterling silver cinch mounts provide the perfect bezel for your cloisonné or miniature portrait enamels. Stone the edgers, insert into bezel, squeeze with needle nose pliers.

You can choose flat or domed copper blanks for BRO-5 & BRO-6. In addition to V-39 domed copper, SPS-16 silver plated steel blank can be used with BRO-7.

The gallery wire is 3.4mm (0.135″) wide filigree.

Additional information

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Brooch Set

BRO-5 40 x 30 MM Plain with V-30 Flat Copper Blank, BRO-5-D 40 x 30 MM Plan with V-20 Domed Copper Blank, BRO-6 30 x 22 MM Plain with V-40 Flat Copper Blank, BRO-6-D 30 x 22 MM Plain with V-29 Domed Copper Blank, BRO-7 25 x 18 MM Gallery Wire with V-39 Domed Copper Blank, BRO-8 38 MM Plain with V-6 Flat Copper Blank


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